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Each year, five-and-a-half million youth sports injuries will require medical care, in spite of our best efforts to make sports safer.?? In only sixty minutes,
Sideline Sports Doc can help cut that number down.

Sideline Sports Doc will teach you a method that you can apply to any sport and any situation, 6 to 8 key Core Concepts for each sport, and out-of-the-ordinary Red Flag situations that need special care.?? Sports medicine professionals are trained in how to make these decisions, along with making the correct diagnosis and starting the initial treatment.?? The problem with much of the sideline management information available now to coaches is that they try to do too much- they try to turn the coach into the team doctor or athletic trainer.

We believe that what coaches really need is something much simpler.

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  1. Doug DePeppe says:

    I read with interest Dev’s Soccer America article, “What’s the future for the multi-sport athlete?” I commend to Dr. Mishra USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM). It is a youth athlete development model that is entirely sports science-based, applying lessons learned from leading sports scientists and physicians, and promotes multi-sport involvement for late specialization sports (like soccer). It’s an excellent resource for backing assertions with evidence. See http://www.admkids dot com.
    Doug DePeppe

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